Use this form to specify color and material for your project
Please fill out this form to specify color and material requirements for this project.

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Project Name:
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What paint or product manufacturer will you be specifying from?
What manufacturer's colors will you be using on this project?
Tell us what paint company, vinyl manufacturer, or cement board color you will be using on this project.
(You will specify actual colors in the next step.)
specify manufacturers here:
Would you like some color combination ideas?
Here are some from leading product suppliers:
Here are links to manufacturer's pallets, for reference:
Use the form below to specify colors for the design elements of this project
Type in the color code or color name from the manufacturer you named above.
(If you have more than one manufacturer's products specified below, list color/manufacturer in the same field, for example, "burgundy/Mid.Am")
If this project doesn't have some of these details, leave field blank. You can specify unlisted elements in "Further Notes".
Horizontal Siding
Siding - Horizontal
Vertical Siding
Siding - Vertical
Shake Siding
Siding - Shake
Stucco Siding
Siding - Stucco
Fish-Scale Siding
Siding - Fish-Scale
Other Siding
Siding - Other
Further Notes:
Trim Details:
Shortcut: Use this field if all the trim details are one color:  
Building Corner
Trim Details - Building Corner Brackets
Trim Details - Brackets
Frieze Board
Trim Details - Frieze Board Garage Doors
Trim Details - Garage Doors
Trim Details - Facia Porch Posts and Rails
Trim Details - Porch Posts and Rails
Flat Trim Boards
Trim Details - Flat Trim Boards Other Trim Elements
(describe in
"further notes")
Trim Details - Other Trim Elements
Window Frames
Trim Details - Window Frames
Window Grills
Trim Details - Window Grills
Gable Vents
Trim Details - Gable Vents
Trim Details - Doors
Trim Details - Shutters

Garage Door:
Is the garage a side load? If so, which side?

if our sample list does not contain a brick style that will work for this project, you can browse and upload .jpg of your specific brick style when you upload your CAD
Materials - Brick

type in manuf. line
and product name
Trim Details - Stone
Roof - Shingles


Roof - Metal
Select Rendering Style
Render as a "Floater" Render as a "Full Frame"
illustration "floats" in a white field illustration "framed" by full landscaping
(There is no price difference between a "floater" and "full frame".)
Premium Quality Print Ordering Section
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20x30 mounted print: $95 including shipping
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